Bringing the Benefits of Neurotech Innovations to Business

NeuroVertex is a full-service neurotech business development company



We have a determination to achieve success for our clients, no matter what the setback is.


We love Neurotech. Our goal is to help as many people from neurotech innovations as possible


We are focused on achieving growth goals for our clients to get across the finish line


As a client, you will see these principles in action through our service offerings:

1.Performance Based Business Development 

Our highly experienced B2B business development team can take your neurotech innovation from introduction to adoption with even the most complex opportunities.

2.Sales & Marketing Strategy

Our 20+ years of B2B sales and marketing experience can help you develop the most effective sales and marketing strategies to take your neurotech innovation to market.

3.Product Positioning 

With so many neurotech devices being launched, it’s critical to understand how your device may benefit B2B customers, and the total market opportunity. We’ll do a complete evaluation and provide recommendations for success.

4.Fractional Sales Team

Not ready to hire a full sales team? We can provide fully trained inside, outside, and sales leadership resources to help achieve your sales goals. 

5.Product Evaluations 

The best way to make a sale is for prospective customers to try your innovation. Our structured evaluation process maximizes your chances for success. 

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